Hi welcome to my homepage!
my name is Autumn S. McKinsey.
I hope you like!
About me:I LOVE green and blue,
my fav animal are: dolphins,horses...
my fav sports are:soccer,basketball...
My Fav movie(s) are:Pirates of the carribean 1 and 2...
I am 5'11 and I am 11  years old.
I went to Ireland with my grandparents for 5 weeks and I will be showing some pics that I took.
My mom came the last week that we  were in Ireland..
This is a pic of me and the Dogs that I was watching in Ireland(the one in my right hand was Tigger the baby and the one that was in my left hand was Ruby the mom..) pic of me
This is a very famous metal horse and Indian in Ireland. 
This is a very famous metal horse&Indian in Ireland.